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Are you in need of an engaging and passionate speaker to transform minds in a room? 

Danielle Rockson is exactly what you are looking for. With passion, research, humour and life experiences Danielle has been described as a speaker with “real talent that leaves people captivated and inspired”.

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Are you in need of a coach to guide you in navigating how to build your vision? and 

How to turn your idea into reality?

Danielle is exactly who you are looking for. With questioning, probing and strategy Danielle is set to guide you one on one on building your vision.

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Are you in need of a step to step guide to help you overcome fear, procrastination and other aspects that can be hindering you from building your vision?

Would you like unlimited access to videos that are created to equip you on your journey of building your vision?

Danielle’s webinars, are set to equip, guide and empower you in building your vision!

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About Danielle Babatunde

"I am all about Educating, Inspiring and activating the minds of young people to go above and beyond".

Danielle  is an Educator, Public Speaker and Performer. She is the Founder of a youth movement called Transcend.

She is passionate about encouraging the young people regardless of background to go above and beyond in whatever they set their hearts to do. In addition to equip them to overcome barriers in order to be positive influential leaders wherever they are.

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Danielle's Socials

Danielle's talk matched the brief given really well. She engaged the students and they all came away understanding the importance of working hard and focusing on their goals. Her humour got the students on board and set our Curriculum Enhancement Day off to a brilliant start.

Motivational Talk/AssemblyAssistant Headteacher at a Secondary Grammar School

Danielle communicates highly effectively with passion and clarity. She engaged our students and was relational and relevant. She brought challenge to them through personal experience and by facilitating discussion.

Talk/WorkshopHeadteacher at a Secondary alternative School

Danielle was very approachable which made it easy to talk to her. She is understanding, kind and the fact that she knew exactly what she was doing helped
I learnt about my self-control and how it is important. I now have an idea of what subjects I would like to take in 6th form and university
YesI would recommend this because it helps young people figure out what they want to do in life and how to achieve that.

MenteeScore 9/10

Danielle is the best! She inspires me to be better, she helped me with my confidence, and how to articulate my opinions. She is amazing and I'll never forget her

Youth WorkshopStudent